How I Can Help

I am often asked by small creative businesses to help them formulate a PR and marketing strategy as they cannot justify the expense of a dedicated, external PR company.

In my experience, very often the best and most effective way of doing this is for me to work directly with an appointed staff member and mentor them to a point where they are happy and confident to run the PR in-house.

What is important to emphasise is that I am not a PR, but a freelance journalist with many years’ experience in luxury and lifestyle titles – this gives me a different viewpoint of PR.

Contact with journalists essentially divides into two camps: editorial you are keen to pursue (particular magazines, subject areas, individual columns) and editorial that comes to you unannounced – often from journalists seeking quick email answers to questions you have been asked many times before. While flattering, the second example can be incredibly time-consuming and frustrating – and does not necessarily have any commercial benefit.

That is why I often suggest to clients that we put together an extensive Q&A covering all aspects of the business, from which they can they copy and paste (with minor changes) to deal with unsolicited press enquiries.

When it comes to achieving editorial in pages you specifically want to target, that often requires a greater understanding of what those particular editors or section editors may be looking for.

I have divided my service into three packages:

Ready To Go

· One day spent with your business conducting face-to-face interviews with up to three members of the team.

· Using this transcript, I will then write a basic PR package tailored to your company. This will include a general press release on the business; biographies of up to three key people; and an extensive Q&A document as described above (approx. 2000 words).

· Half day spent going through your images and giving an overview on these, plus ways to improve visual assets etc.

· Half day with your team advising on your strongest narrative strands for the publications you wish to target.

Cost = £4900 plus VAT

Taking Control

As above with additional:

· Mentoring package, which allows for six half day meetings (time period to be agreed).

· A detailed PR and marketing strategy covering the coming year (to be actioned by the person I have mentored).

Cost = £7900 plus VAT

Finishing Touches

All of above plus:

· Advice on overhaul of existing marketing collateral, including brochures and website. To include rewrites where necessary.

Cost = £9900 plus VAT

If you are interested in pursuing any of these options, please contact me as soon as possible.