Helen has an informed interest in contemporary art and design. She curated her first show at Kenny Schachter’s ROVE gallery in Hoxton.

Called Midsummer Dream, it included work by artists Rolf Sachs, Carolyn Quartermaine and Jessica Zoob, and London atelier Based Upon. It also featured an installation of wild meadow, a comment on the transience of beauty, which captured the imagination of many who visited the show.

Most recently, she hosted a pop-up art event at NEO Bankside combining new work by sculptor, Ryan McElhinney, and the paintings of resident artist, Jessica Zoob.

“I was lucky enough to meet Helen in 2007 and she has been mentoring me ever since and has been hugely supportive of my career in both practical and emotional ways. She has a fantastic eye and completely understands both what I am trying to say as an artist but also and very usefully how to get that message across to the right people. She curated my first major show in London and has been involved in promoting all my subsequent collections. Helen is a very powerful and positive force and a wonderful person to work with. Informed, intuitive and responsive, she is also fantastically well connected and well respected in the industry.”
Jessica Zoob, artist

Passion 4 by Jessica Zoob