Helen is often the writer of choice for leading luxury brands commissioning brochures and website text, including top property developers such as Mount Anvil and CIT. Her elite clients have included Taylor Howes, Huntly Hooper, Talisman London, Christie’s, Finchatton, Plain English and LAPADA.

Companies know they can trust Helen to become their ‘voice’ and that she will deliver an exceptional quality of service often under the pressure of very tight deadlines.

“The first person who comes to mind when we have to think about complex copy is Helen. She has worked on a number of projects for us and always understands straight away what we are trying to get across. She has a way with words which means she can say something simply, effectively and in a much better way than I could ever convey – to have an independent view is invaluable.”
Karen Howes CEO of Taylor Howes Designs Ltd and founder of Howes & Rigby

Copywriting clients